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25 February, 2009

Visit To Kpg Sessang and Kpg Empelam, Kabong

On 23.02.2009, I have a chance to go to Kpg Sessang and Kpg Empelam, Kabong. I was invited by the Ketua Kpg Empelam during our dialogue at Pejabat Daerah Roban last friday, to inspect the condition of their area on the possibility to construct road. Here are some photographs of Kpg Empelam.....

In front of SK Empelam with Ketua Kpg Encik Johan and Peter Engkasan

New crossing is required here

Too narrow

Swampy area...drainage is important

The paddy scheme....according to KK, DID bund will be constructed overthere... KK's house. He invited us for a drink....look, I'm eating suman lemanta...

Suman lemanta

We also have the opportunity to go around Kpg Sessang

SK Abg Mok Sessang...still remember the tragedy a few years 1996

Very sad...In the incident, 11 students including one female killed in a fire at the said hostel (near blue water tank) while 2 others died after admitted to a hospital.