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03 December, 2008

My First Staff Meeting With New Team

This is my first management meeting in my new office on 18.11.2008.

Everyone share their ideas, thought and we brainstorm too

Just for rememberance, we took photo in my room

02 December, 2008

Pemeriksaan Loji Air Lichok pada 6.11.2008

Inilah pertama kali saya datang ke loji air Lichok. Di sinilah semua bekalan air untuk seluruh Daerah Saratok dirawat.

Bergambar dengan attendan loji di kawasan kolam takungan air

Menandatangani buku rekod pemeriksaan.

My First Official Function In Saratok on 31.10.2008

My first official function in Saratok. Gasing competition at MDS field in conjunction with Pesta Krian. Marshall and I together with VIP at the stage.

D.O presenting souvenir to YB Datuk Peter Nyarok.

*Photos taken from apaiumbart's blog @

My New Office JKR Saratok

From Samarahan to Saratok. After my appeal had been turned down for two times....huhuhu...I have no choice, have to go now. I reported duty to DE Betong on 23.10.2008.

My room. View from my table.

That's my table
This is a view from my new office gate, look quite "bushies' at that time. Nevermind, I'll get it clear later on....